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Welcome to our latest page, dedicated to our Rock Artists who are making the best of a challenging situation. We are making viewable to you, our listening audience, the social media concerts that are being produced by such artists as the Rolling Stones, Doobie Brothers and others. They will be seen here on " LOCKDOWN ROCK"- presented on Rock Soup Radio. 

A great cover band from the U.K "The Bluejays". Listen and watch as the do an awesome rendition of 'Sweet Nothin"

"City of New Orleans" performed by John Fogerty and Family, even the farm animals enjoyed the music. 

The Doobie Brothers in isolation, rock us with a great version of "Black Water".

Here is Queen with Adam Lambert, and an awesome tribute song to the heroes of today.

Elliot Lurie of the classic band "Looking Glass" and the group "Yonge Gun Quartet" play the song "Brandy". This is good check it out.

This is an awesome acappella  cover by Anne Reburn of the "Tokens" hit The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Please enjoy.

This latest release by the Stones isn't necessarily an isolation video, but it sure reflects today.

John Fogerty, from CCR, and the Fogerty Family rock out on "Green River". Join them and feel good -- and it's Ok to sing along! 

More to come soon! Stay Tuned. 
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